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The story of a man who uses and abuses women for his own sadistic ends.


Freak Show
Music & Lyrics by Ophelia Baptista
Arrangement by The Gin Rebellion

Come one, come all
Come look at the fool who’s been nailed to the wall.
He’s a fine breed, but not so rare.
Come look him straight in the face if you dare.
His is a fun house world, a hall of mirrors:
Shifting, shaping, bending what’s real.
He is a 5-star attraction. Come close, draw nearer!
Let’s draw back the curtain, see what it reveals.

In this carnival freak show
He may say what he will, but a freak he is still.
In this carnival freak show
A ringmaster of lies just consumes and denies.
In this carnival freak show
He is plainly in view, yet he cannot see you.

He’s a trained monkey displaying his tricks.
He’s a slow burning candle with an extra long wick.
He’s a bedroom showman, always on stage.
He’s an overgrown boy who’s forgotten his age.
He fears crimson entrapment and invisible chains,
While looping them ‘round every female in range.
He paints himself enlightened, yet dwells in the flesh,
And pushes your head down further, leaves you without breath

In this carnival freak show,
On this mattress trapeze back and forth with great ease,
In this carnival freak show,
Proudly on display in his motley array,
In this carnival freak show
He won’t care how you feel since to him it’s not real.

He’s a flawless talent, but with no heart.
When you don’t have a soul, how can you call it art?
He’s a false prophet, an author of shit,
And like a fly I’ve spent my time buzzing around it.
He’s a butterfly collector, all female and fair.
He acts like he loves them, but he doesn’t care
‘Cause he loves his reflection, his frozen view.
The sad thing is that I loved him too.

Come one, come all
Why look! I’ve nailed myself to the wall.
I’m a fine breed, but so ignored.
I’ve been captured, enraptured, and pinned to a board!

In this carnival freak show
Ladies say what you will, but a freak you’ll be still
In this carnival freak show
Proudly on display with our hearts torn and frayed
In this carnival freak show
A ringmaster of lies has all been ‘tween our thighs.
In this carnival freak show
So we can never win ‘cause we’ll always give in.


from The Uprising of the Gin Rebellion, released July 26, 2013
Music & Lyrics: Catherine Barson
Vocal & Guitar: Catherine Barson
Vocal & Guitar:Jason Bush
Accordion & Mandolin: Nick Picard
Bass: David Tyberg



all rights reserved


The Gin Rebellion Atlanta, Georgia

The Gin Rebellion (fully titled "The Uprising of The Gin Rebellion") is the musical collective formed by the dapper dandies H.M. and Renfield, joined by Ophelia Baptista, performing music in a manner never before heard in this century or any other.
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