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A thief, you say? Not just any thief, a 'Vagabond' and king of piracy!


The Vagabond
Music & Lyrics by Ophelia Baptista
Arrangement by The Gin Rebellion

I once stopped in a tavern
In Liverpool by the sea,
And there I met a hooded man
And said he this to me:
“Never take for granted
What you have, or who you are
Or you’ll end up as nothing but spare parts!

For I was a thief you see
A king of piracy
A vagabond of the best
But one night I lost my hand
While stealing contraband
And near put my career to rest.
But I knew a doctor who
Had dealt with clockwork too,
And he had made me a new hand
With dials, gears, and locks
And antique pistol stocks,
And other little bits of brass.
With my new hand I could steal all I desired
No man could match my new power.
I once stole a constable’s helmet right off of his head
And he didn’t even notice for an hour!

With all the wealth I gained
Sought even greater fame
Only the best could suffice.
But the only tricky part,
Was that all my human parts
Could not keep up with my device.
So I gave the doc I knew
A job he’d not refuse
To set about my new plan
Said: ‘Doc, I’ll tell ya what:
I’ll steal to buy the parts.
Make me a brass and clockwork man!’
I was faster, stronger with each new metal part
Clockwork legs can never grow tired
When you can jump across rooftops and never leave footprints behind
Why would you ever want to retire?

My joints plated with chrome.
My heart: a pump and metronome.
Both blood and oil run through my veins.
My lungs: two silken bags
From ladies’ bustle rags.
My only part left was my brain.
Didn’t know that my device
Came with a hidden price,
With marble eyes I could not see
That with every human part
That I had made depart
Would go a bit of memory.
And gone from my mind was everyone that I knew,
Neither family nor friends can I claim.
I forgot the place where I was born, and where I was raised
I even forgot my own name!

I stole from the few people that I recognize
Though I don’t know what they mean to me.
I have now hats and purses,
Other little bits of junk
But of my mind, I still have no reprieve!

So never take for granted what you have or who you are
Or you’ll end up as nothing but spare parts!”


from The Uprising of the Gin Rebellion, released July 26, 2013



all rights reserved


The Gin Rebellion Atlanta, Georgia

The Gin Rebellion (fully titled "The Uprising of The Gin Rebellion") is the musical collective formed by the dapper dandies H.M. and Renfield, joined by Ophelia Baptista, performing music in a manner never before heard in this century or any other.
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